Little Wings Foundation Inc

We give you the wings, you do the flying...

Patrons Testimonials

"Ever since my 18 year old son sat in the audience at your music concert, he's been captivated with piano playing to the point of getting a job, buying a car, getting his driver's license and driving himself to a piano teacher.  Thank you for giving him a dream, a hope and a chance to participate at your next music concert. Your passion is contagious and your vision is nothing short of a miracle."

- Zoya, Registered Nurse


"Before your concerts, every year my daughter fought with us wanting to quit her music education. Then you came and blew her away with the wigs, the surprises and always unexpected show themes. She now anxiously awaits every concert and failure is not an option in her daily practice."

- Valerie, CPA, mother of three


"I absolutely LOVE the resume and interview workshop. They help me stay on top of the game and give me a competitive edge! Thank you."